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We would love to work closely with you to ensure PiinPoint is a good fit for your organization.

Find the right location for your business.

If you're preparing to open a brick and mortar business with a storefront, putting your business in the proper location is the single most important thing you do at startup. PiinPoint offers a solution that provides insight in where to locate. PiinPoint saves you time, minimizes the risk of opening in a bad location, and maximizes your return on investment.

Jim Robeson, CEO & Co-Founder of PiinPoint

What is PiinPoint?

An online platform to explore markets, build reports, and expand your business.

We collect the most accurate demographic, competitive, and traffic data available and give you the power to explore potential target markets and find the right places for your business to grow. Included in our data is historic trends as well as predictions for growth and we take advantage of this to provide insights into the right time to be in a market, and to identify markets that are on the rise.

Because we offer a basic package for smaller businesses and a more powerful enterprise platform, our clients range from small businesses all the way to some of the largest retailers in the world opening new stores daily.

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What do we Do?

Make the process of opening new stores and optimizing for ROI much easier, faster, and collaborative than ever before.

We have built an extremely powerful software platform that you can use in your web browser or on the go during the process of opening new stores. PiinPoint offers the easiest way to visualize demographics and competition for your business as well as the most state-of-the-art techniques for location analysis such as machine learning and statistical regression. We are optimizing the entire decision making process to ensure your locations are as successful as possible. All features of PiinPoint are summarized in gorgeous reports which can be easily read, printed, and shared within your organization.

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We're on a mission to help all businesses find the right locations to maximize their return on investment.

We would love to work closely with you to ensure PiinPoint is a good fit for your organization.